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The “Tabitha Hope Center” Project

focuses on the restoration of young ladies formerly abducted by the LRA Rebel group in Northern Uganda. These young ladies were raped, and many came home from the rebel camps with babies. They were not welcomed home, but instead they were rejected by their families and forced to care for their babies alone. The “child mothers” also became targets of older men in the refugee (IDP) camps who would rape them, since they are “used goods.” Their future is questionable.

tabitha2Village of Hope is helping to restore their lives by teaching these precious young ladies a trade so they can sustain themselves and their children. Teaching tie-dye, sewing and other skills is helping these young ladies to not only earn a living but also to feel a sense of accomplishment and value.

Learn more about how you can help the young women of the Tabitha Hope Center by donating to our Children’s Catalog!