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By helping a child in the Village, you will provide nutritious food, clothing, medical care, educational opportunities and counseling. Your sponsored child will know your name and you will have the opportunity to build a relationship with that child through correspondence.

It costs $100 per month to care for a child in the Village. If you become a full sponsor ($100 per month), you will be the sole sponsor of the child you select. Partial sponsorships are also available at $30, $50 or $70 per month (your sponsored child would have one to two additional sponsors to total approximately $100 per month).

Brenda Amito - BV110KI
Brian Ayella - BV107CO
Elija Kitara - BV121CO
Erick Ojok - BV092GA
Francis Otim - BV128CO
Gerald Rubangakene - BV103CO
Gloria Oyella - BV124KI
Harriet Alimocan - BV113LO
Innocent Aloyo - BV123KI
Jacinta Acen - BV100LO
Jenet Ajalo - BV129KI
Jennifer Akello - BV125KI
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