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You can make a difference in the life of a child. Today. Right now.

Village of Hope provides each child a home, loving “mom”, education, medical care, trauma & pastoral counseling and all the love they could want.  You will give the gift of hope and partner with us to help create successful futures for our children.

Your monthly sponsorship of $120 (full), $80 or $40 (partial) will not only help provide financially for your child, but will also give you an opportunity to build a relationship through shared letters and photos – encouraging your child in their faith and education.

Sponsor letters create the biggest smiles!


What does this fund?
Homes, education, food, medical care, counseling, salaries of house moms & aunties, teachers, nurses and other staff caring the children and other needs to help them grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

How much of my money goes to care for VOH orphans?
100%! We do not take out any administrative costs.

Can I write to them?
YES!  You have an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with your child through shared letters and photos.  We hand deliver “suitcase” mail to the Village about three times/year (spring, summer and fall).  We will notify you a few weeks before we’re leaving so you can send your letter. Send your letters in 6” x 9” or smaller envelopes, please.  These can be mailed to:

Village of Hope Uganda
P.O. Box 700126
Dallas, TX 75370-0126

We will hand deliver them.

Or email your letter and photos to terrie@villageofhopeuganda.com

Will I be my child’s only sponsor?
The cost to care for a child at Village of Hope is $120 per month so each child will have up to three sponsors until they reach full sponsorship.

Can I send them a gift?
We ask that you send only small, inexpensive items like pencils, pens, stickers or small bookmarks – items that will fit in a flat, 6” x 9” envelope.  Please do not send jewelry.  If we receive other items, we will not be able to return them to the sender.

Do I have to pay monthly or can I do a once a year donation?
You can choose the payment frequency that works best for you.

How long are the children in the program?
Until they are self sustaining; which means they can get a job and take care of themselves physically and emotionally.

What happens when I can no longer support my child?
We understand things can be out of our control and you may have to discontinue sponsoring your child, so we will find another sponsor for them. Please continue to correspond with your child. You have built a loving relationship and your letters would be such an encouragement to them.

If you have more questions, we would be happy for you to Contact Us and we will provide you with more information.