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Vulnerable Children
There are over 200 orphans in our care who still live in the Gulu IDP camps. These children live in extreme poverty with guardians who are unable to care for themselves (90% are HIV+) much less provide for these orphans.  Obtaining basic needs like food, clothing and medication is difficult for them.  Teen pregnancy rates in Uganda are some of the highest in the world.  Village of Hope counselors are now working with the guardians of our children to educate them and provide them with tools so they can help the children make wise choices.  Your gift will not only meet immediate basic needs, but also make a lasting impact on the lives of these children and their guardians.

Gulu IDP camps: Vulnerable children

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Beds and Blankets Beds and Blankets

Bed and blanket for 1 child

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Counselors Counselors

Counselors salary

$300.00 per month
$3600.00 per year

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Food Food

Feed 1 child for 1 month

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Medical Medical

Provide medical supplies for 1 child for 1 month

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Mosquito net Mosquito net

Mosquito net

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Where most needed Where most needed

This donation will be used where it is most needed.

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